Journal of Law and Interscience


Law and Interscience Journal is now inviting the scholarly community, at both national and international levels, to submit their unpublished papers for publication. The main objective of Law and Interscience Journal is to contribute significantly to the body of knowledge by providing an intellectual platform for national and international scholars including postgraduate students, professors, and researchers operating in academic circles, government departments or socio-economic institutions


Journal of Law and Interscience (L.I.J) is a double blind international peer-reviewed, Trimestrial, free scientific journal, Open-access journal, published by Djelfa University, Algeria. The journal publishes original scientific research paper and Electronic, languages: English and French, in human and social sciences plus economic studies. (L.I.J) is open for academic world and research institutes, academic and non-academic researchers and research team. Our goal is to provide original, relevant, and timely informations from diverse sources ; to write and published with absolute integrity ; and to serve as effectively as possible the needs of those involved in all human and social sciences provide immediate open access to its content on the principle that making the research freely avaible to the public supporting a greater global exchange of knowledge. The article must contain the title and abstract in the language of the article and in English is mandator


Focus and Scope

✓ Education

✓ Arts and Humanities

✓ History

✓ Language and Linguistics

✓ Literature and Literary Theory

✓ Cognitive Neuroscience

✓ Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law

✓ Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environme

✓ Artificial Intelligence

✓ Health Professions

✓ Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Heal

✓ Social Sciences

✓ Health(social science)

✓ Law

✓ Safety Research

✓ Sociology and Political Science

✓ Cultural Studies

✓ Political Science and International Relations

✓ Public Administration

✓ Urban Studies

✓ Social Work

✓ Finance

✓ Decision Sciences

✓ Arts and Humanities

✓ History

✓ Language and Linguistics

✓ History and Philosophy of Science

✓ Literature and Literary Theory

✓ Religious studies

✓ Visual Arts and Performing Arts

✓ Islamic Economy

✓ Sharia Law

✓ Public management

✓ Administrative science

✓ Public governance

✓ Public economy

Languages and Translation studies

?How to submit

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Editorial Committee

Editor in chief : Reda CHELALI , University of djelfa (Algeria).


·        Elżbieta Magdalena Wąsik (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland)

·        Abderrahmane Djaballah (Université du Québec en Outaouais – Canada)

·        denis legros (Paris 8 (France)

·        Anna Maria DI TOLLA (Université de Naples “L’Orientale”, Italie)

·        jorge diaz cintas (University College London, School of European Languages, Cultures and Societies, United Kingdom)

·        Constantinou Georgia (Université de Chypre)

·        Cristina Ilinca (Université de Pitesti, Roumanie)

·        Shiyab Said M. (Modern and Classical Language Studies, Satterfield Hall Kent State University United States)

·        Kamel Boussafi (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce)

·        SADRAOUI Tarek (Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Mahdia Tunisie)

·        Moufida Aliou (Institut Supérieur des Etudes Appliquées en Humanités de Tozeur.- Université de Gafsa (Tunisie)

·        Mireille ESSONO EBANG (Ecole Normale Supérieure du Gabon)

·        Fatoumata KEITA (Université des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Bamako, Mali)

·        AMEL BENREJDAL (Université Benyoucef Benkhedda d’Alger)

·        RACHID BACHAR (Université Ziane Achour de Djelfa)

·        BOURZEG ahmed (Université Ziane Achour de Djelfa)

·        Ilyes Bouzidi (University Centre Of Maghnia (Algeria).

·        Fettouma BEN MEKKI (Université d’Alger 3)

·        BARAKE Rima (Université Libanaise-Liban)

·        NOUREDDINE ’MEHREZ (université de Souk Ahras)

·        Suhair Al-Alami (Department of General Studies, Ghurair University, Dubai-United Emirates)

·        ABDELKRIM BENSELIM (University of Aïn Témouchent)

·        Bassam Alromeedy (University of Sadat City – Egypt)

·        alia alatrouz (Minnesota  University : Islamic American University )


Ahmed abderrahman BENSALEM, University Centre Of Maghnia (Algeria).


Ahmed abderrahman BENSALEM